L??sv??rt: ???My father???s laptop: A humble machine’s simple lesson???

And I, as his on-call support team, was challenged to explain the complex to him in ways that he understood, that were relevant to a 74-year-old man who just wanted to share pictures of his grandkids with anyone who cared. It kept me focused on the ”why” of technology, and his voice in my ear reminded me that as important as specs, feeds and speeds are, at some point they all end up in the hands of someone who just wants to get stuff done.

En riktig teknologin??rd skriver en r??rande minnesruna ??ver sin nyligen avlidna far, som f??rst under sitt sista levnads??r skaffade en dator och uppt??ckte vilken gl??dje man kan ha av den moderna teknologin.

???As I stare into my own laptop and wonder about my own use of technology and what it all means, or should mean, I think of how his computer transformed him in the last chapter of his life. If technology has to have a meaning, I’d like to believe that this would be it.???

K??nsligt och snyggt formulerat.



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